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Chrisa Kastning

CEO - Duck Foot Parts Inc.

CEO of Duck Foot Parts Inc., Chrisa Kastning says there is plenty of opportunity in ag. Women looking for fulfilling careers are going to find that in ag, no matter what excites them. They will find roles on the business side, or technical, manufacturing, and fabricating. 

Kastning, whose overarching and varied role includes everything related to the company, from administrative and financial, to marketing and strategic planning, says her path to her career was not a direct route. The skills she learned in her previous career allow her to pull from different areas to benefit the work she does for Duck Foot Parts. 

The ability to adapt and learn, and seek out information, not only helped Kastning in her career, but she says those traits are the key to success in finding, and retaining, a career in ag. Someone looking into an ag career should figure out what excites them and then explore what is involved in that career. There is likely a match for those interests in an ag career that will allow growth and advancement. 

Kastning says she enjoys working in the ag industry. “We’re seeing more women in diverse roles and at the forefront. I think there are exciting opportunities ahead.”