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Mattland Riley

Design Engineer - Redekop Manufacturing

Mattland Riley, Design Engineer for Redekop, says his love for building, math and being creative led him to pursue an education in engineering. His career expectations of doing meaningful work and contributing to agriculture in an impactful way led him to Redekop, a manufacturer of straw chopper upgrades for combines. Redekop focuses on developing innovative harvest technologies that reduce labour and improve farmers’ profitability.

As a Design Engineer, Riley can be involved in projects from conception to design completion. A customer may bring a broad idea for a project to Redekop, and Riley would take that idea or problem and create a solution. Since the design and manufacturing process takes place over what Riley describes as ‘seasons,’ each day brings new challenges. He says there is no typical day.

Regarding the ag manufacturing industry, Riley says the whole community is very accepting, with great people and places to work. Compared to other industries, Ag Manufacturing very quickly puts young engineers to work designing and contributing meaningfully.

Ag manufacturing allowed Riley to meet his career expectations right from the start. He says, “Agriculture gives younger engineers a unique opportunity to do that.”